Evidence to prove that Slim Whisker's descendents could live at Sand Springs, Arizona was found in the unofficial allotment by Matthew Murphy, U.S. Alloting Agent, 1910-1913.

The Healing Court said these people could not be identified.  On line 2173 the entry reads TahgahiTsose which translates into Slim Whiskers.

Since we were under the jurisdiction of the Moqui, they withheld evidence from the Healing Court as to our identity.  The US Government did not bother to go out to Sand Springs, Arizona to verify the identity of these people, but instead created laws to strip them of their mineral and surface rights over 50 years.  My family could not understand english nor read or write English.  Meanwhile the government did not appoint  them legal counsel.  The Navajo Tribe and the Hopi Tribe have enjoyed unjust enrichment of their land and mineral rights as afforded by the establishment of the Moqui Reservation.